Splitting Wood Shingles

Splitting Wood Shingles - course impressions

For centuries, houses with wooden shingle roofs have blended harmoniously into densely wooded European landscapes. The roofs and facades of the houses glisten silvery grey when their wooden surfaces develop a patina.

Shingle roofs provide excellent insulation, are breathable and extremely durable.

Discover this ecological, aesthetic and flexible building material which is experiencing a renaissance in modern architecture. Learn from a master of his craft how to tile a roof with the natural material wood or create a roof for your summer house, shed or kennel.

Impressions from previous workshops

What participants are saying...

"I particularly liked the instructor's easy-going nature and the relaxed, creative atmosphere of the course in pleasant premises as well as the chance to try out high-quality tools."

"The natural, traditional methods and working in harmony with nature especially appealed to me - and the fact that I was surrounded by people who feel the same way."

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