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Shaped stones / Shaped sharpeners

Coarse shaping stones
Coarse-grained stones for high material removal, repairs, nicks and changing the bevel angle.
Sharpening stones
Stones with medium grain for sharpening dull blades.
Honing stones
Feinkörnige Steine zum Abziehen nach dem Schärfen. (2)
Finely grained stones for honing after sharpening.

(1+2) As a basic equipment we recommend one of the two stone types each

Low-alloy carbon steels
  • Japanese chisels and plane blades
  • Knives with a core layer of White and Blue Paper Steel
  • Axes and Hatchets
High-alloy tool steels
  • Western chisels and plane blades
  • Knives with a core layer of powder metallurgical steels or rustproof steels e.g. VG-10 steel
  • Sculptor‘s gouges from Pfeil
Grain purity
The more even (pure) the grain, the better the sharpening result. A mixed or impure grain will always result in less effective abrasion.
Grinding surface
The grinding surface should always match the tool to be sharpened in size, although generally speaking, the larger the better.
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