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DICTUM Sharpening Primer

Dictum Sharpening Primer CoverTips and tricks for sharpening knives and tools with waterstones.


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DICTUM Finishing Primer

Dictum Finishing Primer CoverThis brochure provides useful information about natural finishing products in their purest form but also as ready-to-use oil and wax mixtures made from natural components. Along with recipe suggestions, we offer tips on how to use and apply the various oils and waxes as well as information about the usage and drying time – everything you need to know to find the right surface treatment for any project.


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DICTUM Adhesive Primer

Dictum Adhesive Primer CoverIn this brochure you will find valuable information about the bonding of different materials using adhesives.


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Catalogue - Musical Instrument Making

DICTUM Musical Instruments Catalogue 2017 CoverThis offer is specially intended for commercial customers. If you would like to become a commercial customer for music products, please apply with us. Please send your request along with your business registration to

Fax: +49 (0)9931 4058-800


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