Build a Dovetailed Tool Chest with Christopher Schwarz

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Chris Schwarz, the internationally renowned woodworker and specialist author, returned to Germany in this year to spend a week at the DICTUM workshop center.

Participants from all over the world came to Niederalteich from June 20th to 26th, 2011, in order to hone their craftwork techniques, acquire new skills, and work on a project under Chris's instruction. "Precise sawing", i.e. the practice of correct sawing techniques, was on the agenda of a two-day course. Even experienced woodworkers were surprised how much time and energy they were able to save by applying the proper technique.

The next course focused on an ambitious project: In five days, each participant built a big, traditional tool chest with manual dovetails. The author of the newly released book "The Anarchist's Tool Chest" has dealt with the topic of "Traditional Tool Chests" for a very long time and not only expertly teaches the necessary woodworking know-how, but also provides insight into the historical development of tool chests. At the end of the course, all participants were proud of their self-made, sturdy, and perfectly manufactured tool chests that are sure to become the eye-catcher in any workshop.

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Book recommendation

Der Möbelbau - Book recommendation

Der Möbelbau

By Fritz Spannagel. First published in 1954, this classic remains just as topical today. Its importance is derived from the systematic instructions, descriptive illustrations and detailed descriptions of the joints and other techniques of woodworking craft. The book is largely intended for apprentice and qualified joiners, but also for architects and woodworking teachers.

368 pages, 1,538 illustrations, hardcover, 220 x 297 mm, in German.

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