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In DICTUM's digital course workshop, you can expand your craftsmanship skills in many areas or get inspired by the different project courses. You decide the location and start time of the course, and you can pause or switch between different course modules at any time.

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Do I need special computer skills to participate?

No. The course platform is easy to use. If you can browse the internet with a computer, you will find it easy to use the course platform.

How do I get access to the course workshop?

After you have ordered a course in the DICTUM online shop, we will send you the access details for our course platform within the next working day and unlock the booked course for you.

When do the courses take place?

Whenever you want! Course start dates are customised to each individual participant. You can also pause or redisplay modules at any time.

What computer equipment do I need?

You need a PC or a notebook with internet access. You can also participate in our courses on a tablet without any problems.

Theoretically, you can also participate in a course with your smartphone. However, since smartphone screens are quite small, we do not recommend it.

How long do the courses last?

The duration differs from course to course. It also depends on your individual approach to working through the course.

Take the time you need to learn: You can interrupt the courses at any time and repeat parts.

How long will I have access to the course?

You can access the course for at least six months from activation.

How are the courses structured?

Most courses are divided into an introduction, a theory part and a practical part. Afterwards you will find the course documents and, if applicable, project plans to download, as well as further information.

What previous craft knowledge do I need to take part in an online course?

We offer online courses for different interest groups. The basic courses are mostly aimed at beginners with no experience. In the course description we will point out the required skills and previous knowledge.

What tools do I need to participate?

In the description of the online course you will find the respective requirements for your tool equipment.

Do I also receive course materials?

You can download the course materials as a PDF and print them out yourself.

I have forgotten my password - how can I rejoin my course?

If you have forgotten your password, click on »Forgot your password?« on the start page of the Digital Course Workshop and follow the instructions. You will then receive an email within a few minutes and can use it to request a new password.

Can I download the videos?

Our courses include more than just videos. That's why we decided on a completely separate course platform that brings together texts, videos, PDFs and even educational games. This does not include downloading videos.

Can I look at a sub-step again?

Of course! You can jump back and forward in the course at any time during the term.

Do I have the same advantages as with face-to-face courses?

As a participant of online courses, you also enjoy the benefits of the DICTUM Workshop Centre. You will receive a 10 % discount on any purchase* at DICTUM for four weeks from the date of purchase of the course. Likewise, booking an online course will count towards your bonus card.

Can I ask the instructor questions?

Absolutely! In an online course, you can definitely ask your course instructor questions. There are various ways to do so. Each online course has a dedicated forum where you can post your questions and engage with other students. Alternatively, you can also send a direct email to your course instructor to ask your question. Our instructor team is committed to providing prompt responses and will make every effort to assist you. Don't hesitate to reach out and ask for help whenever you need it!

Can I cancel a course booking?

If you have not yet started a course, i.e. opened a module or viewed any course content, you can cancel your participation according to the usual conditions. Once an online course has been started, this is no longer possible.

Can I book an online course as a gift?

Yes! You can also book an online course for another person. We just need the first and last name and e-mail address of the recipient. They will then automatically receive the booking confirmation and activation for the course. Please inform our customer service directly when booking.

* Books, DVDs, power tools from Festool, as well as already reduced items and all products from Mafell and Shaper tools are excluded from this offer.
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