Roorkhee-Chair -  Workshop impressions

Within four days, the participants in this workshop were able to build one of the most comfortable classics of the 20th century: the Roorkhee chair.

It consists of a leather seat and backrest and only 10 wood parts, which made it particularly suited for adventurers and military officers, who used it since it was invented in 1898.

The renowned craftsman, lecturer, author, and blogger, Chris Schwarz, instructed the participants to build a Roorkhee chair complete with wooden and metal parts as well as the components made of leather. The feet were either turned or manufactured using a drawknife, a spokeshave, and a chisel. After cutting the leather, seat and backrest were formed by riveting. Chris Schwarz also explained proper methods for leather handling so that the participants would be able to enjoy their Roorkhee chairs for a long time.

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"Great course, also suited for beginners."

"I enjoyed the teamwork and community in the class."

Book recommendation
Das große Buch vom Stuhlbau - Book recommendation Das große Buch vom Stuhlbau (german)

A woodworking compendium, by Drew Langsner. This fundamental work is far more than a guide to chairs. It expertly describes the selection and preparation of the required tools and equipment, sourcing, splitting and storing the wood, right through to making spokes, frame parts and seat surfaces. A wide range of types of spoke-backed chairs, Windsor chairs, American country-house designs, stools with woven seats, children’s chairs, benches etc. are presented as projects. Instructions for making a sturdy joiner’s bench, a carving bench, a steam chamber, and a foot-operated woodturning bench complete this technical book which is a valuable aid for any woodworker.

243 Pages, Hardcover, colour photographs on every page, 225 x 285 mm, in English. By John Wilson.
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