Build a Bowsaw

Build a Bowsaw -  Workshop impressions

The bowsaw is a highly versatile and functional cutting tool. Instructed by Chris Schwarz, the renowned craftsman, lecturer, author, and blogger, it took participants in a DICTUM workshop two days to build their own bowsaw.

With this type of saw, supplied with a good blade, it is possible to perform even complicated cuts that are potentially too dangerous for electrical handsaws. Traditionally, woodworkers have always manufactured their own bowsaws. The participants were also able to take home a perfectly adapted, individual bowsaw, along with the profound handicraft know-how they acquired during this course.

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What participants are saying

"A topnotch instructor! He has a passion for woodworking."

"The DICTUM staff members are competent and friendly."

Book recommendation
Der Möbelbau - Buchempfehlung Making Wood Tools with John Wilson

Traditional woodworking tools you can make in your own workshop. In illustrated step-by-step instructions, the author describes how to make block and bench planes, spokeshaves and side rebate planes, drawknives, adzes, frame saws and a workbench. A separate chapter deals with the making and hardening of plane blades.

243 Pages, Hardcover, colour photographs on every page, 225 x 285 mm, in English. By John Wilson.

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