Social engagement

Our mission: Sustainable management and the strengthening of the skilled crafts sector

We are often asked whether and how DICTUM practices social engagement. For us, the answer is obvious. As a medium-sized company, we have a special responsibility towards our employees. Our primary task is to operate sustainably and to grow. It requires all our effort and concentration, and we therefore focus all of our capacities on this as it is the only way can we secure jobs in the long term and make a valuable contribution to society.

DICTUM's participation in any social engagement in the broader sense therefore requires close scrutiny. Is the form of engagement meaningful and compatible with the core of DICTUM, i.e. skilled craftsmanship? Do we have any spare capacity left to meet our standards with regard to this additional task? This second aspect in particular is often underestimated or deliberately ignored by many. We can only afford to participate in social engagement if we do not jeopardise our actual corporate mission and pursue it with absolute consistency.

That is why we have made it one of our principles to critically scrutinise potential enquiries and always to decide for ourselves whether and how we will get involved. It goes without saying, that craftsmanship plays a decisive role in this. Our special appreciation for millennia-old skilled crafts can be felt in every one of our tools. We live by traditional values and preserve old knowledge. Especially today, when the skilled crafts are suffering from a lack of recognition and a great shortage of trained workers, we see it as our task to pass on this knowledge and to strengthen them in this way.

For quite some time, we have observed that craftsmanship and skills – which used to be passed down from generation to generation as a matter of course – are atrophying and that the interest in making something with one's own hands is waning. Our wide range of workshops is one particular way in which we are working to reverse this trend. On the one hand, our course instructors impart the necessary know-how and a great deal of practical knowledge to the participants. On the other hand, our courses create a space for rest and relaxation – especially important in light of today's hectic pace of life – making a valuable contribution that also has a positive effect on mental and physical health.

For DICTUM, the employment and promotion of young talent is also a matter close to the heart. If we can enthuse children about the skilled crafts at an early age, the greater the chances are that they will once again increasingly opt for such a profession in the future – and practise it with passion. For example, we support »Technik für Kinder e. V.«, an association that aims to introduce children to technical subjects and craftsmanship.

Of course we are happy when DICTUM is considered a potential supporter of various projects, initiatives and associations. For us, this is also a sign of appreciation and trust. However, we would like to point out that potential enquiries should always be made in the knowledge that DICTUM - as described above - is first and foremost a business enterprise. We therefore ask for your understanding that the examination of enquiries takes some time and that a decision - as explained here - is always made with careful consideration.