Garden tools

Garden Tools
Indispensable helpers for every season

Is there a nicer job than doing something good for the plants and, at the same time, finding relaxation for the mind and body?

Garden work is one of the last refuges where you can still enjoy harmony with nature. Prerequisite are tools which almost silently and effortlessly fulfil their function.

In contrast to the garden itself, which is subject to constant change, tools are something permanent. Their durability, their handling, and their dependability are what make them trustworthy objects. Tools with a soul are, as a rule, not mass-produced articles. They come from small blacksmith workshops, where the master blacksmith still identifies himself with his product and manufactures it with the same care with which it should be used later.

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DICTUM Sickle Cleaver

DICTUM Sickle Cleaver


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Article No. 708360

DICTUM Bonsai Basic Set, 6-Piece

DICTUM Bonsai Basic Set, 6-Piece


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Article No. 718560

DICTUM Bonsai Set, 10-Piece

DICTUM Bonsai Set, 10-Piece


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Article No. 718561

DICTUM Weeding Hoe

DICTUM Weeding Hoe


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Article No. 708441

DICTUM Folding Saw Deluxe 240

DICTUM Folding Saw Deluxe 240


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Article No. 712107

DICTUM Pruning Saw Classic 240

DICTUM Pruning Saws Classic


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Article No. 712116

Silky Bigboy Folding Saw 2000 360-6,5


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Article No. 712721

Harvesting Sickle


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Article No. 718150

Claw Rake


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Article No. 718566

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Expert knowledge - Garden tools

Good garden tools are characterized by:

  1. Supreme sharpness and durability
  2. Ergonomics and aesthetics
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Durable and reliable
Supreme sharpness and durability

Only with sharp blades can you cut plants cleanly, and clean cuts heal quickly and protect the plants against diseases and pest infestation. Also for hoeing beds or mowing the lawn you need gardening tools with a bit of a bite.

Hand-forged hoes, sickles and garden shears made from carbon-steel feature not only extreme sharpness but also exceptional hardness, breaking strength and service life. Rediscover the pleasure of gardening with sharp tools!

Ergonomics and aesthetics

It’s only with optimum handle lengths, blade lengths, materials and tooth patterns that gardening implements are a pleasure to use.

We only select garden tools that guarantee perfect handling. And we also put all our products through their paces with heavy-duty testing before we offer them to you.

Low maintenance

Tools made of high-quality steels can be quickly and easily re-sharpened. Knives, axes, hoes and shears can be effortlessly returned to top condition using a Japanese waterstone or a diamond sharpener from DMT. We show you how it works (see Tip: sharpening).

Durable and reliable

The best tools are made to last – they should serve you for life.

Our most important criteria when choosing our garden tools are the quality of the materials and how they are made. The blades of Japanese sickles are today still forgewelded in a process developed by Samurai swordsmiths in the 7th century. This results in excellent hardness, breaking strength and lightness. Put your trust in our 30 years’ experience of Japanese garden tools! We also check our products regularly to make sure they contain no harmful substances, especially in synthetic tool handles.

Tip: Sharpening of garden tools

As basic equipment, we recommend a DMT diamond combination sharpener (No. 705391) with fine and coarse grains, which has proven itself in mobile use. It is equally suited for use with knives, axes, hoes, and shears. Lay the tool on a solid support, moisten the blade with water, and guide the sharpener with uniform strokes - while maintaining the specified bevel angle - transversely to the cutting edge. Sharpen firstly with the coarse grain and then with the fine grain, until you no longer feel any burrs on the cutting edge.

Shears for paring branches and hedges

Take the shears apart and sharpen only the blade facet on the bevelled side (front), and not on the concave backside!

Never sharpen the high-quality hardened tool on a bench grinder!

As the hardness and life are adversely affected by overheating! If you wish, you can call upon our professional sharpening service.