Wooden Candle Holder

This month's tip of the month is about Christmas: We are going to build a wooden candle holder.

To make it easy for you, we will provide you the templates to download and print.

Templates to download:

Step-by-step explanation:
  1. Source Material

    Get some oddments of solid acacia and walnut boards with a thickness of about 30 mm. The size depends on the size of your project. We recommend that you print out the templates and take them as a sample while searching for the right piece of wood. If you choose more complex shapes which can only be created using a fretsaw, we recommend to choose relatively thin softwood and not to drill the holes for the tea lights until the bottom.

    Source Material
  2. Tools

    As a second step you need the right saw. If you have a keyhole saw, you can use this saw or a good hand saw, e. g. Kataba Universal or Akagashi Hardwood 210, which is especially designed for sawing hardwood. For more complex shapes we recommend to use the precision fretsaw TN-03.

  3. Outlines

    Draw the outlines on your piece of wood according to the cut out template. To saw the wood, fix it in a vice or use a clamp. Finally, finish the surface and edges with sandpaper.

  4. Drilling the candle holder

    Drill the holes using the appropriate Forstner bit into the wood. You can either lower the tea lights into the wood or let them project.

    Drilling the candle holder
  5. Decorating

    If you wish, you can further decorate your candle holder, for example by applying glitter stars that you can fix using spray-on glue. You can also treat the surface using linseed oil or our DICK wood balm.