This month we will show you how to use kitchen tools – Japanese knives!

With regards to Japanese knives we do not only offer a large assortment of first class kitchen knives but also proven advice on how to use and maintain them. Today we will show you how to fillet fish.

Do you also enjoy freshly caught fish?

But you are missing the knowledge of how to fillet fish? With our step by step instructions you will be able to prepare the meal within a short time.

First you have to choose the right knife

A lot of raw fish is prepared in the Japanese cuisine, therefore we make use of the traditional knowledge and will choose a Sashimi – the Japanese fish knife.

We would like to recommend the following knives from our assortment:

What are the characteristics of a good fish knife?
  • Sharpness

    Razor-sharp blades preserve the natural structure of food. This does not only have a positive effect on the visual appearance but also on the taste experience.

  • Blade

    The harder the blade the sharper the knife. High quality kitchen knives have more than 55 RC.

  • Handle

    The handle of a high quality kitchen knife ergonomically fits the hand and is antiskid.

Once you have found your knife, you will find no trouble in filleting fish.

Filleting fish – Step-by-step explanation:
  1. Cut off the head

    First cut off the fish head. Cut with a single slice on both sides next to the gill. Then you can easily remove the head.

    Cut off the head
  2. Open the abdomen

    Next cut in the knife at the head end and the side of the belly and tear the knife alongside the middle fishbone in one cut. Having gut the inwards rinse the abdominal with water.

    Open the abdomen
  3. Peel off the filets

    Peel off the filet along the middle fishbone either from head to fishtail or vice versa.

    Peel off the filets
  4. Remove remaining fishbone

    Remove any remaining bones and parts of the skin. Bones are easily to be removed using wide tweezers or fish bone pliers.

    Remove remaining fishbone
  5. Skin the filet

    Lay the fillet skin side down. Skin the fillet cutting flat and parallel to the board.

    Skin the filet
  6. Pan finished!

    Now the filet is ready to be cooked.

    Pan finished!