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DICTUM Workbench »Deluxe 2000«

Heavy, solid multi-purpose workbench for all applications. With this high-quality professional...
Heavy, solid multi-purpose workbench for all applications. With this high-quality professional workbench of perfect workmanship, we offer a variety of clamping options to simplify your work. We use Lie-Nielsen vice mechanisms for our twin-screw front vice, because their production tolerance and material thickness makes them one of the most durable vice types worldwide.
  • Made of selected, slightly steamed beech wood for minimal shrinkage and expansion
  • Heavy weight guarantees optimum stability
  • The top is made of long, laminated single-piece bars
  • The top is perfectly secured against warping by breadboard ends, 60 mm wide (central carriage bolt and loose tongue)
  • Extra high skirt of 132 mm for larger pressure surface at the jaws
  • Workbench base made of solid beech wood
  • Top and base untreated
Clamping elements:
  • Multi-bonded, warp-free jaws
  • High-quality vice mechanisms from selected manufacturers
  • Tail vice made in Germany 490 mm, with durable, low-wear, all-steel guide, maximum opening 210 mm, spindle Ø 28 mm
  • Lie-Nielsen twin-screw vice with chain drive system for parallel and clearance-free clamping. Maximum opening 230 mm, jaw length 610 mm, spindle Ø 28 mm, spindle distance 310 mm
  • Obliquely joined front vice for maximum surface pressure
  • Six dog holes of Ø 25 mm on bench apron and tail vice for clamping workpieces at the front of the bench top, including two aluminium front bench dogs
  • Bench helper functionality in the frame leg for supporting large workpieces that are clamped at the front of the bench
  • Workpiece support and workpiece fastener in the front vice (removable) to prevent pressure points on the edge of the workpiece
  • Eight dog holes of Ø 25 mm in front of and on the front vice, including four round, retractable, aluminum bench dogs for clamping irregularly formed workpieces
  • 12 dog holes for square bench dogs, incl. two wooden, square bench dogs for clamping delicate workpieces and two square aluminium bench dogs to ensure powerful clamping for rougher work
As optional extras, you can order a drawer No. 706343 and an oiled bench top No. 706344.
    • Worktop thickness132 / 65 mm
    • Height900 mm
    • Weight130 kg
    • Worktop dimensions2000 x 605 mm
    • Overall dimensions2205 x 770 mm
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Workbenches are delivered unassembled (detailed assembly instructions included). Additional features (oiled surface or drawer) only available with workbench order.
    Article no. 706440
    Brand Dictum
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    DICTUM Hobelbank »Deluxe 2000«

    Plenty of accessories and spare parts


    Finger joint, suspension slide drawer underneath the bench top for storing add-ons (such as bench dogs and clamping devices) or tools. Overall dimension 520 x 320 x 130 mm.

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    Article No. 706343

    Oiled Surface
    Oiled Surface
    Open-pored surface treatment with toxin-free vegetable oils. The oils contain valuable, natural conditioners, bring out the grain pattern and lend a vivid structure with a silky gloss to the surface. They dry rather slowly, thereby...

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    Article No. 706344


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