Veritas Bench Planes No. 4½, PM-V11 Blade

The all-round woodworking plane. This tool enables chatter-free planing, thanks to its fully...
PM-V11 Steel
PM-V11 steel is made from a new, powder metallurgy steel alloy. With its ultra-fine and homogeneous material structure and extreme hardness (HRC 61-63), this steel has double the edge-retention capacity of A2 steel, and the extremely hard-wearing blades allow a razor-sharp edge. The blades are highly durable even at a bevel angle of less than 20°. All blades come with a 2° microbevel and can be sharpened on conventional waterstones.
The all-round woodworking plane. This tool enables chatter-free planing, thanks to its fully supported blade and its simple mouth adjustment which does not require removal of the cap iron or blade. Thanks to the central adjusting screw, the blade feed and lateral position can be adjusted quickly and precisely. The rear handle and frog form a movable unit that defines the mouth opening without the need to readjust the cutting depth. The tool’s heavy weight makes it easier to plane irregular grains or difficult woods.
With a blade width of 60 mm, the 4 ½ bench plane from Veritas is the perfect tool for smoothing large surfaces. The plane's 3.2 mm thick blade and 2.3 kg weight ensure it runs smoothly and produces the best results, even with difficult grain patterns. The large handles of bubinga wood are comfortable to hold, and the rear extension handle makes it easy to control vibration and distribute pressure. Two set screws constrain the blade laterally, ensuring the blade stays in place regardless of the pressure placed upon it. Large sole, combined feed and lateral adjustment lever.
Veritas Planes
The corporate philosophy of Canadian tool manufacturer Veritas aims to develop new adjustment mechanisms and enhance historic plane design. With bodies made of stress-relieved spheroidal cast iron, these tools are highly resistant to cracking and distortion. Their soles are perfectly plane and trued at right angles to the sides. Their thick blades of high-strength A2 steel are hardened to 60-62 HRC and additionally subjected to a special low-temperature process to achieve a finer grain. Veritas planes are optionally available with PM-V11 blades. (The Custom series models are equipped with PM-V11 blades as standard). Two setscrews on the sides constrain the blade laterally, keeping it in place regardless of the type of stress applied. Unless otherwise stated, the blade is angled at 45°. With their material combination of finely-ground or black-coated cast iron bodies, polished brass setscrews and beautiful precious wood handles, these planes are also pleasing to the eye.
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    • Blade material PM-V11™
    • Blade width 60 mm
    • Blade thickness 3.2 mm
    • Overall length 255 mm
    • Weight 2.3 kg
    Article no. 703882
    Brand Veritas
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    Veritas Bench Planes No. 4½, A2 Blade
    Veritas Bench Planes No. 4½, PM-V11 Blade
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