Tea Box Deluxe, Cherry Bark

The tea box made from high-contrast wood types is both functional and makes an aesthetically...
The tea box made from high-contrast wood types is both functional and makes an aesthetically pleasing design object. Wood types from top to bottom: Cherry bark, American walnut, cherry wood and maple. The top layer of the laminated cover is made of fine veneer. Inside container of polished cherry bark.
Cherry Bark Tea Box (Kabazaiku)
Kabazaiku, the traditional art of bark crafting, is especially common in the area around Akita, where the wild cherry tree forms a particularly hard skin in the harsh mountain climate. For more than 200 years, artistic craftsmen have been creating fascinating objects from cherry bark. To allow the bark to be shaped, it is first cleaned and made supple with steam, then the pre-shaped pieces of bark are attached to the wooden object made of walnut with glue using a heated trowel. Cherry bark naturally keeps the air moisture relatively stable and is thus an ideal material for tea boxes. A precisely closing inside lid preserves the aroma of the tea. The tea boxes are at the same time useful containers and works of art.
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    • Height 117 mm
    • Model Cherry Bark
    • Ø 80 mm
    • Capacity 180 ml
    Article no. 820312
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    Article no.: 820312

    Model: Cherry Bark
    Price: €109.00