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Tormek T-8 for Woodturners with Blackstone

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Tormek T-8 for Woodturners with Blackstone
The hardness and shape as well as the hard bond of the Tormek Blackstone Silicon sharpening stone...
NEW! Maximum precision and solid zinc cast housing
TORMEK T-8 takes precision and stability to a completely new level. The new design integrates the previously mounted sleeves for the vertical and horizontal support into the revolutionary fully cast top and frame. The enhanced stability optimises jig guidance and thus the sharpening accuracy.
The hardness and shape as well as the hard bond of the Tormek Blackstone Silicon sharpening stone grinding element with 220 grit makes it the ideal sharpening stone for HSS and PRO-PM steel. It gets less clogged than the standard wheel, stays flat longer and removes material quickly. It is the ideal sharpening wheel for woodturners. We therefore now also offer the Tormek T-8 for woodturners with a Tormek Blackstone Silicon sharpening wheel instead of the conventional standard wheel.
Tormek sharpening wheel blackstone silicon, grit 220, Ø 250 x 50 mm; leather honing wheel Ø 215 x 30 mm; universal support, finely adjustable (can be used horizontally or vertically). Powder coated steel plate housing. 230 V, 200 W, 90 rpm, torque 14.7 Nm, 14.8 kg.
  • Square edge precision jig (SE-77)
  • Adjustable trueing tool (TT-50)
  • Stone grader (SP-650)
  • Angle gauge (WM-200)
  • Honing compound (PA-70)
  • Handbook (HB-10)
  • Instruction video (DVD-1)
  • Workshop »Sharpening with the Tormek«
Tormek Sharpening System
Proven for many years and constantly perfected wet-working sharpening machines are the basis of the ingenious Tormek sharpening system. A range of jigs, which can be mounted on the universal support, makes the sharpening of any cutting tool easier. Tormek enables the achievement of exact cutting geometry and consistent results for chisels, turning tools, knives, shears or machine tools. Also suitable for workshops and instructional settings because of safe operation - no sparks are produced and it has an overload safety clutch.
The "Tormek-Original" ceramic wheel assures short sharpening times under all conditions in combination with the greatest possible tool protection. The front end can also be used for plane honing. The leather honing wheel removes burrs quickly and leaves a perfectly polished cutting edge. Robust construction with solid housing and sliding water container.
A summary of the advantages of Tormek sharpening machines
Longer working life of T-8 and T-4:
  • Stainless steel spindle with EzyLock-System for easier stone assembling
  • Solid zinc cast housing with integrated vertical and horizontal support
  • Better motor insulation

Additional advantages of T-8:
  • Electrophoretic dip painted casing, zinc cast housing frame and robust ABS plastic sides for better corrosion protection
  • Silent running, maintenance free motor, designed for continuous operation, 25 000 hour life
  • Improved water container with screw lift for easy positioning, overspill rim, drip-off plate, magnetic swarf collector and magnetic cleaning scraper
  • Two additional rubber feet to drain off water on the case
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    If you buy a Tormek T-8 or T-4 from DICTUM, you can choose between a voucher for free participation in a one-day workshop of your choice or a discount of €100 for a multi-day workshop.
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    Tormek T-8 für Drechsler mit Blackstone

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    Tormek Sharpening Wheel Blackstone Silicon SB-250, Grit 220

    Tormek Sharpening Wheel Blackstone Silicon SB-250, Grit 220

    Ideal for exceptionally hard materials such as HSS, but also carbon steel. The hardness, shape and size of the abrasive make it highly effective.

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