Superior Shellac, 250 g

Superior Shellac, 250 g
Reddish shellac for polishing with marked toning and for accentuating the grain.
Reddish shellac for polishing with marked toning and for accentuating the grain.
The consummate surface technique
French polishing is an incomparable way of bringing out the beauty of the wood. It creates a mechanically wear-resistant, physiologically compatible surface that does not become brittle and is of constant colour. The resin, an exudate of an East Indian scale insect, has been known since time immemorial as one of the best materials for making clear wood finishes. Shellac is notable for its hardness, transparency and bonding strength. Its excellent insulative properties make it the substance of choice for use in traditional gilding (as a primer coat and fixative). For most applications, the shellac flakes are generally dissolved in alcohol and applied using either a cloth rubbing pad or brush in several coats. The shellac flakes offered here are highly pure, dewaxed and can be mixed to create a specifically desired tone or effect.
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    • Weight 250 g
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