Thiers-Issard French Wet Shaving Set

A gem for those who like wet shaving

This 7-piece wet-shaving set from Thiers-Issard makes shaving a pleasure. The 11/16" blade is ¼...
This 7-piece wet-shaving set from Thiers-Issard makes shaving a pleasure.
  • The 11/16" blade is ¼ hollow-ground and is slightly less flexible when shaving than a full hollow; on the other hand, this makes the ¼" hollow easier to control, which means that the razor is also well-suited for beginners; handle of cream-coloured plastic scales, blade with round head, satin finish, not rustproof; blade length 70 mm, overall length 245 mm
  • The grey badger hair shaving brush (21 mm) also with a cream coloured handle fits the razor (No. 709298)
  • The sharpening paste (No. 709019) and the narrow strop with a black, roughened side for the paste and a fine leather side for stropping ensure perfect sharpness
  • A soap dish made of polished stainless steel (Ø 90 mm, 85 g) with lid prevents your shaving soap from dehydrating (No. 709197)
  • The pleasant lavender aroma shaving soap calms your skin during shaving (No. 709299)
  • An alum block for skincare after the shave is kept safe in a sturdy plastic box and its crystals ensure fast healing of small cuts (No. 709195)
Razors by Thiers-Issard
Since 1884, traditional French company Thiers-Issard in Auvergne has been making exquisite razors for wet shaving. The blades are made almost exclusively from Carbonsong C135 steel* with an extremely high carbon content of 1.35 %. Due to this high carbon content and the extreme hardness of 64 HRC, they can be ground to a very thin edge, thus providing the necessary sharpness for a comfortable shave. For a better grip, the underside of the tang is serrated on all razors. Leather pouch included.
* Carbon steel is far superior to rustproof steel as far as sharpness is concerned. The supposed disadvantage of rust susceptibility is offset by following the care instructions.
Care instructions: After shaving, clean the knife with pure water and dry thoroughly. If the razor is not used over a long period of time, it should be slightly oiled (e.g. Camellia Oil, No. 705280).
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