»Smoothing Plane« for Hardwood

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»Smoothing Plane« for Hardwood
Ideal for working hardwoods. The steep angle of the blade (45° instead of 40°) reduces the danger...
Ideal for working hardwoods. The steep angle of the blade (45° instead of 40°) reduces the danger of tear-outs when working against the grain. The cutting steel made of the highest-quality powder HSS (66 HRC, very tough) gives the double-layered blade an outstanding edge life even with other wear-intensive materials, like exotic woods, laminates or glued woods. Japanese white oak block.
Japanese Planes (Kanna)
Japanese planes bring the wood’s true inherent beauty to the fore. Kanna have been reduced to their most essential plane functions. The double-layered, tapered blade is much thicker than standard European blades, allowing chatter-free planing. The cap serves as a chipbreaker. The numerous adjustment mechanisms found on European planes are completely absent. Before using a Kanna for the first time, the blade must be honed and properly fitted in the tapered grooves of the body. To minimise friction, the plane sole can be given a slightly concave profile using a scraping plane. Anyone willing to make the initial effort of setting up and learning how to use these fascinating tools will be rewarded with exceptional results. Unless otherwise stated, the blade angle is 40°. Comes with instructions.
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    • Blade width 55 mm
    • Blade thickness 6 mm
    • Overall length 240 mm
    • Weight 750 g
    Article no. 718088
    Brand Sonstige
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    »Smoothing Plane« for Hardwood