Knife Hardness Test

DICTUM - Hardness Test

Have you always been curious about the hardness of your finished knife blade? If so, you can use this service to get us to test the hardness (HRC) of your knife blade at its cutting edge. Heat treatment shops generally only perform HRC tests on the tang or back of the blade. However, testing these areas does not provide any reliable information about the hardness of the blade itself. Performing an HRC test at the cutting edge would destroy the blade.

Hardening test blade

This is why we use the Vickers hardness test, which uses very low test pressures and allows us to test a blade’s hardness right at the cutting edge without destroying it.
This method simply involves minimal grinding of the cutting edge, which is then returned to its original state after the test. On completion, you will receive a test certificate with spherical indention images and the Vickers values converted to HRC.

Download order form (PDF)Download order form (PDF)


Fee for the hardness test with test certificate: € 15 (incl. VAT, excl. delivery fee).

Hardening test detail