Replacement Rubber Bulb for No. 120R

Replacement Rubber Bulb for No. 120R
Fits No. 707553 .
Fits No. 707553.
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    Kirjes® is a popular brand of patented sanding and polishing system introduced in 2007 by the company Plano System AB, located in Sörfors, northern Sweden. The basic principle of the system is to use inflatable sanding drums or balls coated in abrasive paper of various grit sizes that can be pumped up to produce a firm or soft sanding surface to cope perfectly with flat, concave or convex working surfaces.

    • Ø 20 mm
    • Model No. 120R
    Article no. 707557
    Brand Kirjes
    Ready to ship, delivery time 3-4 workdays within Germany
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    Replacement Rubber Bulb for No. 120R
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    Article No. 707553