Kirjes Inflatable Cylindrical Drum Sander No. 120R

Kirjes Inflatable Cylindrical Drum Sander No. 120R
Inflatable Cylindrical Drum Sander.
Ø 20 mm, hight 20 mm, shaft 6 mm. Incl. 1 sander in each grit 80,150, 320.
Inflatable Cylindrical Drum Sander.
Kirjes Sanding System
Perfect finish to any shape in wood
The quality and perception of any piece of work is largely influenced by its finish. Flat surfaces can easily be finished with a smoothing plane or sandpaper. However, concave or convex shapes, inner surfaces of rectangles and irregular shapes are much more difficult. So far, a machine finish was not possible while a hand surface was extremely time-consuming. This gap has been closed by the Swedish manufacturer Kirjes with its integrated sanding and polish system: it enables a great leap in quality and facilitates working. A sleeve of highly flexible abrasive cloth is fitted on a cylindrical or dome-shaped rubber bulb which is then inflated with a special hand pump through an air valve on the shaft. Such pneumatic drum sanders are very elastic, perfectly conforming to any shape. In addition to sanding sleeves, brush sleeves for polishing are also supplied. They will give your workpiece a polished surface. All inflatable drum sanders are fixed to the drill chuck of a 130 cm flexible shaft. The perfect tool for inner surfaces of carved and turned objects, for hard-to-reach areas, spoons, musical instruments, sculptures, ornaments, wooden toys, jewellery, knife handles etc.
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    • Model No. 120R
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    Kirjes Inflatable Cylindrical Drum Sander No. 120R
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