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As well as creating a screen and a porch area and adding a decorative touch to house walls,...
As well as creating a screen and a porch area and adding a decorative touch to house walls, espalier fruit also generates an abundant harvest of fruit over small amounts of space. This book describes all types of espaliers, complete with colour photos. All possible locations are covered, from planting on a house wall right through to free-standing pergolas and productive fruit hedges. There is clear information on the planting of the different types of fruit, and on how to care for and shape them, with extremely useful, clear presentations of the different framework types. Correct maintenance and cutting will ensure that the espalier grows to be lush and lavish, and that it yields the expected quantities. The book highlights a number of different diseases and pests, with specific information on how to combat them. There is also a 30-page guide showing the types and varieties of fruit that are particularly suitable for espalier planting, with information on how to care for and cut them, and on the required growing conditions.
    • Pages 154
    • Binding hardcover
    • Illustrations numerous colour photographs and illustrations
    • Size 170 x 225 mm
    • Language German
    • Publisher Karl Pieber, Peter Modl
    Article no. 713037
    Brand Sonstige
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    Article number 713037