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Heuer Parallel Vice

This product is no longer available.
Heuer Parallel Vice
The dual-prism, inside guide tracks of this vice prevent contamination and damages while the...
The dual-prism, inside guide tracks of this vice prevent contamination and damages while the machined track surfaces guarantee precision and long service life. The centrally located and well-protected spindle with double-action trapezoid thread gives the vice its high and optimally distributed clamping force. Drop-forged, surface-hardened clamping jaws, pipe-gripping jaws and a rear jaw with small anvil, giving this vice the ability to withstand high loads, make this vice a versatile aid in the workshop. Pipe-gripping jaws 16-55 mm.
Heuer - the original from Germany
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    At its Plettenberg plant, the German company Brockhaus Heuer started manufacturing drop-forged vices with dual-prism, inside guide tracks in 1927, setting a world-wide standard.

    • Jaw depth mm
    • Jaw opening150 mm
    • Weight9 kg
    • Jaw width120 mm
    Article no. 706100
    Brand Heuer
    €179.00 per piece(s)

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    Heuer Parallel Vice

    Article number 706100

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