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Kelton Carvers Jig Base

This product is no longer available.
This base will guide the clamp unit of the carvers jig and enables to fix it to the Woodturning...
This base will guide the clamp unit of the carvers jig and enables to fix it to the Woodturning lathe and work bench. Containing a base plate, two handles, a carriage bolt and two washer plates. The surface is bronzed.
Base plate 240 x 75 mm.
Kelton Carvers Jig
The possibility to lock workpieces in different positions does appeal to turners, carvers, sculptors and other woodworkers alike. The sturdy and versatile mechanism can be installed on the bed of lathes as well as on work benches, while different clamping devices can be used. Whether you have a turned object that you do not want to take out of the chuck or - as a carver - want to use different sized faceplates, this tool offers solutions for many clamping problems. Designed by Kel Mc Naughton.
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    The company Kelton from New Zealand is the most innovative company on the market for turning tools. Many different famous turners and carvers have some influence on these products and thus keep on improving the tools. Since using high-quality materials and sturdy design you will enjoy these tools for a long time.

    Article no. 702079
    Brand Kelton
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    Kelton Carvers Jig Base

    Article number 702079


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