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Native American Carving Knives (Mettgar), Mini Version

Native American Carving Knives (Mettgar), Mini Version
For very deep hollowing out of spoons and other small objects.
For very deep hollowing out of spoons and other small objects.
Native American Carving Knives (Mettgar)
The traditional carving knife from the North-western coast of North America fascinates with its use as a multipurpose tool. The native inhabitants in North America used the curved blades that are sharpened on both sides in order to make masks, small figures, bent boxes and articles of daily use. The blades can be used on the push or pull stroke to remove very thin shavings. The geometry of the blades helps to create curved cuts and prevents vibrations of the knife. The large handles made of cherry tree wood can also be used with both hands in order to achieve an additional leverage and control of the tool.
    • Blade width20 mm
    • Blade length15 mm
    • Overall length165 mm
    Article no. 701610
    Brand Sonstige
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    Indianische Schnitzmesser (Mettgar), Mini-Ausführung


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