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Veritas Plane Body for Smooth Plane No. 4½ with O1 Steel Blade

This product is no longer available.
Permits a wider cut than the No. 4, to smooth surface with fewer strokes The additional weight...
Incl. O1 Steel Blade
  • Permits a wider cut than the No. 4, to smooth surface with fewer strokes
  • The additional weight absorbs vibrations and ensures smooth cutting
Custom Bench Planes
All the plane bodies are fully stress-relieved ductile cast iron. The soles are machined flat and square to the sides, and they have extra-large side wings for stable shooting. The planes all have a stainless-steel Norris-type combined feed and lateral adjustment mechanism for easy and accurate blade setting. Two set screws register the blade in the throat. The movable toe plate allows quick mouth adjustments - loosening the front knob lets you close the mouth to a narrow slit for fine shavings and minimum tear-out, or open it for heavier cuts. A stop-screw in the throat retains mouth settings and prevents accidental contact with the blade.
The cap iron registers on a low-profile blade carrier attached to the blade, which allows fast removal of the cap iron for blade sharpening. It also lets you restore the cap iron without losing its position relative to the cutting edge. Die Klappe zur Fixierung des Hobelmessers ist schnell abnehmbar und ermöglicht ein einfaches Entnehmen und Nachschärfen des Hobeleisens. Beim erneuten Aufsetzen der Klappe ist kein Nachstellen nötig. Zwei Gewindebohrungen auf beiden Seiten erlauben die Montage eines optional erhältlichen Seitenanschlages (patentiert).
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    • Blade width60 mm
    • Overall length255 mm
    • Weight2.175 kg
    • Blade materialO1
    Article no. 702442
    Brand Veritas
    €228.00 per piece(s)

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    Including sharpening pass, two free sharpenings.
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    Veritas Hobelkörper für Schlichthobel Nr. 4½ mit Hobeleisen aus O1-Stahl

    Plenty of accessories and spare parts


    Veritas Traditional Tote, Medium

    Veritas® Traditional Tote

    More pronounced forward angle lean and more curved than the Veritas tote More comfortable to use on low surfaces Allows you to apply more downward force to the plane Based on historical plane handle design Sizing Information:...

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    Article No. 702432


    Replacement parts

    Veritas O1 Steel Blade, 60 mm

    Veritas O1 Steel Blade, 60 mm

    60 mm blade width fits No. 702442 , 702446 , 702448 51 mm blade width fits No. 702440 , 702444

    incl. VAT plus shipping costs

    Article No. 702417