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The Bundgeschirr (German for carpenter's gear) comprises the most important tools used by...
The Bundgeschirr (German for carpenter's gear) comprises the most important tools used by carpenters. Then and now, journeymen in Germany carry it with them when they take to the road in time-honoured tradition. With time, however, the tools included in the Bundgeschirr have changed because of the increased use of machines. With our version, we aim to provide carpenters with traditional tools that also meet the needs of modern carpentry.
The Bundgeschirr includes:
  • DICTUM All-metal Mortise Axe (No. 708369)
  • German Carpenter's Square (No. 707279)
  • DICTUM Chisel Long Pattern, blade width 30 mm (No. 701373)
  • Picard Roofing Hammer (No. 705685)
  • DICTUM Square Mallet (No. 730045)
  • Protective Guard for Chisel Sides (No. 712952)
  • Traditional Charlottenburg Cloth
    The chisel and carpenter's square can be inserted and carried in the socket of the mortise axe. As the design of the Charlottenburg cloth changes quite often, we cannot guarantee that the supplied version is identical to the cloth in the picture.
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 714055
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