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Gränsfors Replacement Wedge Set, for Handles over 560 mm

Wood and iron wedge. Tips for setting the handle: The handle should be made of wear resistant,...
Replacement Wedge Set (fits handles over 560 mm).
Wood and iron wedge.
Tips for setting the handle:
The handle should be made of wear resistant, elastic and very dry wood, e.g. ash or hickory. Saw off the old handle and drill out the wood that remains in the head and clean the inside of the mortise. Drive the new handle into the mortise while supporting the head with two pieces of wood until it comes through at the other side. Check the angle of the head to the handle. Place some wood glue on the wooden wedge and in the splits in the handle and drive the wedges in as far as possible. Saw off the extra handle stock at the top, leave only a few millimeters. Subsequently drive in the metal wedge at an angle skew to the wooden wedge.
Check the handle fit prior to each use and drive the metal wedge in further as needed.
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    Under the motto "An axe is as good as its smith", the Swedish company Gränsfors Bruks has been manufacturing top-quality axes for over 100 years. Gränsfors axes feature:

    • Forged by hand under a spring hammer
    • Forged of 56-57 HRC carbon steel
    • 20 years warranty on the axe head
    • Forger's initials on each axe head
    • Oiled axe handles of choice hickory wood
    • Perfect handle fitting with a wooden wedge and additional metal wedges for long handles
    • Each axe comes with premium leather sheath
    • Includes manual
    • Längeover 56 cm
    Article no. 705939
    Brand Gränsfors
    Ready to ship today, Delivery time 1-3 workdays within Germany
    €2.50 per piece(s)

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    Article no.: 705939

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