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Tasai Shinogi Nomi

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These chisels are handmade in small batches by the Japanese master blacksmith Akio Tasai. All...
These chisels are handmade in small batches by the Japanese master blacksmith Akio Tasai. All materials used radiate elegance, and the uncompromisingly functional details reflect the depth of experience in the manufacture of these tools. The blade made from Blue Paper Steel is forged with a triangular profile, allowing joints to be reworked without damaging the edges. The double-hollow back of the blade reduces friction and makes trueing the extremely hard cutting edges easy. Annealing the forged steel ferrule to 300 °C gives it a metallic blue shimmer with the effect of an ageless link between the handle and the neck of the blade. To complete this high-quality tool, the master uses a dark Tagayasan handle which, thanks to its heavy weight, perfectly balances the forged blade.
Akio Tasai / Michio Tasai
The master smith Akio Tasai has earned himself a legendary reputation among Japan's metalworkers, especially due to his Mokume technique. His son Michio Tasai is following in the footsteps of his father, acquiring his Japanese sword-making license - the most prestigious accolade among smiths - at the tender age of 38 after eight years of study under the master sword smith Takano Yukimitsu. They use Blue Paper steel, specifically manufactured according to their needs, to manufacture the cutting layer of their tools, as this particular steel remains easy to sharpen despite its hardness.
    • Blade length95 mm
    • Overall length375 mm
    • Blade thickness6-11 mm
    • Blade width36 mm
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 710250
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    Tasai Shinogi Nomi
    Tasai Shinogi Nomi

    Article number 710250