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MAFELL Dust Extractor S 50 M + 5 Non-woven Filter Bags

This product is no longer available.
For wet and dry suction cleaning. All the appliances are equipped with microprocessor-controlled...
For wet and dry suction cleaning. All the appliances are equipped with microprocessor-controlled electronics for safe and efficient operation. The features include smooth starting, which eases the load on both the appliance and the power circuit, and automatic running-on to ensure that the hose is emptied when the extractor is switched off. In addition, the speed control allows the suction force to be adjusted according to the extent of contamination and the hose diameter.
A long service life is ensured by the high-performance motor fan with bypass cooling.
Thanks to the automatic on/off switch, the MAFELL dust extractors can be used for extracting the dust created by all other makes of power tool as well. All the MAFELL models are also suitable for picking up liquids.
Your benefits:
  • Conveniently located on the front of the appliance are the on/off switch, the switch for automatic vibration and pulse filter cleaning/vibration, the speed control for adjusting the suction force, and the volume flow indicator.
  • When used for wet suction cleaning, the appliance cuts out automatically when its maximum capacity is reached.
  • Supplied with a handy mounting plate for accommodating a MAFELL-MAX case.
  • Practical hose connector - quick-action/bayonet catch with additional keeper.
  • For wet and dry pick-up
  • For picking up waste
  • Compatible materials include dust, chips, liquids
  • Dust class M for use as standard industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners.

    Scope of delivery

    • Extraction hose 4 m (13.1 ft), Ø 27 mm (1 1/16 in.), anti-static with bayonet lock Ø 6 mm (2 5/8 in.), hose connector Ø 35 mm (1 3/8 in.)
    • 2 Fold filter cartridges, cellulose
    • MAX-holder
    • Filter bag, 45 l useful volume
    • 1 Handle
    • Mains cable 8 m
    • + 5 Non-woven filter bags (50 l useful capacity)
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    Built by professionals for professionals

    Founded in 1899, MAFELL's sole production facility today is in Oberndorf on Neckar, near Stuttgart, Germany. Here they produce ""quality made in Germany"", with up to 85% of components made by themselves, and their own tool design and construction operation. With its roots in carpentry, MAFELL has made its way into joiner's workshops since 1980, when it developed ERIKA, the first pull-push saw. More innovations followed: For its portable panel saw system PSS 3000, the Flexistem KSP 40 and, not least, the precision jig saw P1 cc, MAFELL is acknowledged the world over and has won several awards, including the Rudolf-Eberle Award, the Eumacop Innovation Award and the iF Product Design Award.

    Buy without risk

    You get an extended warranty of 36 months for all MAFELL power tools if you register them within 30 days of purchase. All registered tools are automatically entered in the MAFELL BonusPlus programme.

    ServicePlus Protection Letter 3-year-cost-protection-warranty 5-year No-Worry Package
    • Select MAFELL machines can be thoroughly tested for 30 days - no questions asked!
    • With the comprehensive 3-year-cost-protection-warranty MAFELL-Complete, you can enjoy a full 36-month warranty on all MAFELL machines, including rechargeable battery packs and wearing parts such as ball bearings, sealing rings, carbon brushes, rubber sleeves and switches; simply register your machine free of charge with the manufacturer within 30 days of the purchase date
    • Extend your cost-protection-warranty by 24 months with the 5-year No-Worry Package (price on request); this includes insurance against theft and a return premium within the warranty period
    • The ServicePlus Protection Letter (price graded according to the value of the machine) provides a 36-month insurance cover; the repair costs are reimbursed against co-payment and in the case of a total loss you receive a new machine in exchange. Insures against theft, handling errors, wilful intent of third parties, short-circuit or over-current, and natural hazards such as fire, lightning strike, explosion, storm, frost and flooding


    The general Ts&Cs of MAFELL AG are valid for machines of the MAFELL Powershop System.

    For more information on MAFELL service & warranty terms.

    • Weight19.1 kg
    • Dimensions590 x 455 x 645 mm
    • MotorUniversal-motor 230 V / 50 Hz
    • Mains Cable8 m
    • Filter Surface Area8600 cm²
    • Airflow max.220 m³/h
    • Low Air Pressure248 mbar
    • Hose Connection Ø66 / 58 mm
    • Bin Capacity Water40 l
    • Bin Capacity max.50 l
    • Rated Input1200 W
    Article no. 709480
    Brand MAFELL

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    €819.00 per piece(s)

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