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MAFELL Random Orbit Sander EVA 150 E / 5 in MAFELL-MAX

This product is no longer available.
MAFELL Random Orbit Sander EVA 150 E / 5 in MAFELL-MAX
The EVA 150 E is the random orbital sander of choice for a high removal rate, a clean working...
Sanding stroke 5 mm, for coarse sanding, e.g. when removing paint residues.
The EVA 150 E is the random orbital sander of choice for a high removal rate, a clean working environment, and outstanding work outcomes. It offers a 20 percent higher speed than conventional random orbital sanders, which appreciably increases the removal rate. As a result: Given the same quality of surfaces, you can perform the work up to 20 % quicker. Your benefits: Absorbers isolate the main parts of the machine that are held by hand, so that vibration generated by the sander is not transmitted to the user. This protects the user against a health hazard and makes working with the machine more pleasant.
  • Soft grip surfaces prevent the users hand from slipping. Besides improving safety, they take the fatigue out of working with the MAFELL EVA 150 E.
  • Thanks to the ergonomic auxiliary handle, the user can accurately guide the EVA 150 E with both hands, no matter what the sanding task. The handle can be detached when it is not required.
  • Adjustable edge protection effectively avoids damage to both the workpiece and the sanding pad.
  • In combination with the multi-perforated sanding pad, powerful self-extraction creates a low-dust and safe working environment. As a consequence, the abrasive disc is less prone to clogging, disc life is prolonged, and work outcomes are improved.
    • For coarse and fine sanding, sanding between coats, flat and curved surfaces
    • Compatible materials include e.g. Solid wood, paint, veneered surfaces
    • Scope of delivery

      • Universal Filter Bag UFB-1
      • Soft Sanding Pad
      • Set of Abrasive Mesh Discs: 1 sheet each of abrasive mesh disc P 60 / P 80 / P 100 / P 120 / P 150 / P 180 / P 240 / P 320
      • Interface Pad EVA-SA
      • Auxiliary Handle
      • Edge Guard
      • Mains Cable 4 m

      Comes in a MAFELL-MAX.
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      Built by professionals for professionals

      Founded in 1899, MAFELL's sole production facility today is in Oberndorf on Neckar, near Stuttgart, Germany. Here they produce ""quality made in Germany"", with up to 85% of components made by themselves, and their own tool design and construction operation. With its roots in carpentry, MAFELL has made its way into joiner's workshops since 1980, when it developed ERIKA, the first pull-push saw. More innovations followed: For its portable panel saw system PSS 3000, the Flexistem KSP 40 and, not least, the precision jig saw P1 cc, MAFELL is acknowledged the world over and has won several awards, including the Rudolf-Eberle Award, the Eumacop Innovation Award and the iF Product Design Award.

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      MAFELL Complete:
      3 year cost protection warranty - comprehensive cover against repair costs. The warranty also covers battery packs and wear parts such as ball bearings, sealing rings, carbon brushes, rubber sleeves and switches.

      Simply register your machine free of charge with the manufacturer within 30 days of the purchase date.

      MAFELL Complete is currently available only in Germany and Austria.

      ServicePlus Protection

      ServicePlus Protection Letter:
      The ServicePlus Protection Letter (price graded according to the value of the machine) provides a 36-month insurance cover for machines. The repair costs are reimbursed against co-payment and in the case of a total loss you receive a new machine in exchange. Insures against theft, handling errors, wilful intent of third parties, short-circuit or over-current, and natural hazards such as fire, explosion, storm, frost and flooding.

      ServicePlus Protection Letter is only available in Germany.


      The general Ts&Cs of MAFELL AG are valid for machines of the MAFELL Powershop System.

      For more information on MAFELL service & warranty terms.

      • Weight2.1 kg
      • Motor230 V / 50 Hz
      • No Load Stroke rate6000-12 000 spm
      • Stroke5 mm
      • Sanding SizeØ 150 mm
      • Rated Input350 W
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