Henry Taylor Detail Gouge, Rectangular Cross-section, Diamic, Blade Width 10 mm

Genuine detail gouge with a shallow flute and rectangular cross-section for optimum access to the...
M2-HSS woodturning tool with handle made of stained English hardwood
Genuine detail gouge with a shallow flute and rectangular cross-section for optimum access to the narrowest recesses. Fingernail grind with secondary bevel.
Henry Taylor Turning Tools
M2-HSS woodturning tool Diamic
Henry Taylor standard version, the blade material used is an extremely sturdy M2-HSS. Stained English hardwood handle.
M2-HSS Kryo woodturning tools
Improved edge life and sharpness without compromising on sharpening: Cryogenic hardening is a technically elaborate process, in which the steel is cooled down, computer-controlled, to -150 °C after hardening. After this treatment, the steel has finer carbides that cannot develop during the usual hardening process. This results in excellent properties such as a longer service life than with conventional hardening, a fine cutting edge with reduced burr formation and easier sharpening. Stained English hardwood handle.
Detail Gouges
Unlike spindle gouges, detail gouges have a less-deep flute and therefore more material under the cutting edge. This means you can safely create a second bevel, allowing you to also reach into very narrow recesses.
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    Henry Taylor

    Henry Taylor

    For over 150 years, turning tools of the finest quality have been manufactured by Henry Taylor in Sheffield (England). The company combines traditional manufacturing techniques such as forging by hand with modern hardening and tempering treatments. Only the best Sheffield steel (HSS) is used for all blades, which are attached to the heavy, dark stained handles of English hardwood with solid brass ferrules. Henry Taylor Tools design their tools in cooperation with world-leading woodturners such as Roy Child, Richard Raffan, Dale and Darrel Nishi and David Ellsworth - which is reflected in the high quality of the tools.

    • Blade width 10 mm
    • Overall length 540 mm
    • Blade material M2-HSS
    Article no. 702286
    Brand Henry Taylor
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