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Shinwa Carpenter's Square/Compact V. w/Adjustable Angle Holder and Safety Cord

The set includes the Shinwa carpenter's square, compact version (No. 717328), the adjustable angle holder (No. 717267) and the safety cord (No. 717268).
    Article no. 717274
    Brand Sonstige
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    Article no.: 717274

    Price: €34.90
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    Article no.: 717275

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    Replacement parts

    Shinwa Adjustable Magnetic Angle Holder

    Shinwa Adjustable Magnetic Angle Holder

    With the magnetic angle holder, the angle is always ready to hand. Belt clip with quick-release mechanism to be easily fastened to the belt. By loosening a screw on the back of the holder, the distance can be set to the desired switch...

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    Article No. 717267

    Shinwa Safety Cord

    Shinwa Safety Cord

    The elastic spiral band is a fall protection in case of unintentional loosening of the angle from the holder. Fits No. 717267 .

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    Article No. 717268