Schröckenfux »Pinzgauer« Scythe

Schröckenfux »Pinzgauer« Scythe
This shape of scythe, also known as a »Hahn-Sense« (German for »cock scythe«), is universally...
For a body height of 170-185 cm
This shape of scythe, also known as a »Hahn-Sense« (German for »cock scythe«), is universally applicable. The wide blade shape of 60 mm provides high stability when working and longer durability when re-sharpening. Fatigue-free working is guaranteed, even on uneven floors. The S-shaped ash snath ensures an optimal body position when mowing. It is adjustable for height (170-185 cm) and body position. Peened and sharpened ready for mowing; instructions are included.
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    Schröckenfux, a company from the Austrian Krems Valley, is one of the last scythe makers in Central Europe. For over 450 years, carbon steel blanks have been shaped into elegantly curved, razor-thin scythe and sickle blades in a many-staged process.

    • Blade width 60 mm
    • Blade length 600 mm
    • Overall length 153 cm
    • Body height 170-185 cm
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