Mühle Shaving Set Urushi, 2 pieces

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These masterpieces are made by hand in the finest precision work. The handles are enriched with...
These masterpieces are made by hand in the finest precision work. The handles are enriched with red urushi laquer. This natural material is applied manually in wafer-thin layers. After curing, the work pieces are once again treated and polished. The red handle with urushi lacquer shows to its fullest advantage as a contrast to the elegant chrome fitting. Chrome is a corrosion-resistant and durable material with an elegant shimmer. Delivery with high-gloss lacquered gift box.
  • Shaving Brush (No. 709583): Only the best selected badger hairs are used for this handmade shaving brush. Among connoisseurs, the silver tip badger is considered as the icing on the cake. The valuable natural material is particularly soft and flexible. The conical shank of the single hair soaks up a lot of foam which is extracted to the tip of the hair. Another indication for best quality badger hair is the black band running through the predominantly silvery gleaming hair. Ring diameter 23 mm.
  • Shaver (No. 709584): The new Gillette shaving system provides five horizontally arranged blades as well as an additional blade on the outside which enables to cut precise contours. This design enables a very clean and smooth shaving. Its easy and safe handling is also ideally suited for beginners. The Gillette Fusion blades are available in all retail stores. The chromium stand ensures a safe grip for the razor.
Urushi has been extracted from the Asian tea tree (rhus vernicifera) for over 6000 years. It is waterproof, food-safe, resistant to alcohol and solvents, does not become brittle or crack with age and develops a beautiful patina with use.
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    Pure shaving culture made in the Ore Mountains: High-quality shavers, fine brushes and elegant wet shaving accessories have been produced in a small town called Stützengrün, located in the Ore Mountains since 1945. Mühle combines traditional craftsmanship with trend-setting designs. The results are beautiful and durable products.

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