ProfessionalLine Cable Reel, 33 m

Suitable for construction sites as per BGI 608 and for permanent outdoor use. With BREMAXX-PUR...
Suitable for construction sites as per BGI 608 and for permanent outdoor use. With BREMAXX-PUR cable IP 44. Pro-reel with all-round roll over protection. The Rubbabren body and reel material made of a plastic and rubber mix is extremely shock- and impact-resistant. For permanent use in the toughest conditions. Stable on all four sides with perfect cable-management. Reel body cold-impact-resistant to -25 °C. Large and sturdy fold-down rotary handle for rolling the cable in and out.
  • 4 water-jet protected safety sockets with self-closing protective caps
  • Extra-sturdy safety plugs
  • Thermal cut-out and overload protection
  • Visual indicator lamp in the plug socket
  • Cable lenght 33 m < /li>
BREMAXX-PUR cable (BQ-cable) IP 44:
Extremely sturdy, abrasion-resistant and with excellent cut- and tear resistance. It is also acid- and oil-resistant, weather- and microbe-resistant. Cold-resistant to -40 °C. Cable H07BQ-F 3G1.5, cable colour orange.
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    The company began life in 1958. Since then, brennenstuhl has grown steadily and is now one of the world’s leading companies in the field of electronics and electrical engineering. Decades of experience, exacting standards and innovative products guarantee the first-class quality of brennenstuhl products.

    BGI 608
    IP 44
    Article no. 720297
    Brand brennenstuhl
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    ProfessionalLine Cable Reel, 33 m