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Bosch Multi-Detector GMS 120 Professional

The most reliable multi-detector in its class

Imagine you want to fix a picture or shelves to a wall and you drill a hole - but the drill hits...
Imagine you want to fix a picture or shelves to a wall and you drill a hole - but the drill hits an unexpected cable, the fuse blows and the power goes. To repair the damage, you need to call an electrician, have the wall opened up, have the cable repaired and then repaint or repaper the wall. If you compare the cost of all this to purchasing a good detector, the result is a no-brainer. The multi-detector is a reliable aid in detecting water pipes and power lines, metal sheathing and wooden structures down to a maximum depth of 120 mm. Your benefits: Pinpointing of the object’s centre with the “Centre Finder” scale. Illuminated display for better visibility of the result. Three detection modes for different applications: drywall mode, metal mode, mode for live cables. Ideal for renovating without unpleasant surprises.

    Scope of delivery

    • Accessories Bag
    • Supporting Loop
    • 9 V 6LR61 Battery
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    Tested by Professionals. The blue BOSCH Professional line has little in common with the standard green Bosch tools you see in DYI markets. The Bosch Blue range is designed for long-term professional use - which means robust gears, durable housings, long cables, and much more of value for professionals. Power tools from the BOSCH Professional line are used by professionals on construction and offshore sites as well as for building high-speed rail tracks. The results are taken into account in the further development of the tools.
    BOSCH cordless tools including satisfaction guaranteeRegister your new tool within four weeks of purchase and you will get an extended warranty for a total of 3 years! Even for rechargeable batteries and charging devices. Additionally BOSCH offers a 30 days satisfaction guarantee to all cordless tools with a voltage between 10.8 and 36 volt.

    • Weight 270 g
    • Power Supply 1 x 9-V-6LR61
    • Detection Depth max. 120 / 80 mm
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 712182
    Brand Bosch
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    Bosch Multi-Detector GMS 120 Professional