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Tailpiece Gamba, Maple, Alto, 176 mm

Tailpiece Gamba, Maple, Alto, 176 mm
Maple tailpieces with a walnut fret (no pre-drilled string holes) and a maple and ebony inlay....
Maple tailpieces with a walnut fret (no pre-drilled string holes) and a maple and ebony inlay. With ebony infilled Stradivari logo.
The Stradivari logos found on Rudolph Fiedlers bridges and tailpieces are not stamps, they are 0.5 mm deep carvings, infilled with an ebony wood paste. This technique was used by Stradivari himself.
Rudolph Fiedler - Fine Fittings
There has recently been a resurgence in interest in early baroque music and the unique instruments used to play this music. The Rudolph Fiedler workshop is one of the leading makers of gambas in Europe and has dedicated itself to the rediscovery of the techniques used to make these early instruments. The baroque fittings Rudolph Fiedler produces are based on the work of Antonio Stradivari as documented in Simone F. Sacconi´s book entitled „I Segreti di Stradivari“. The gamba fittings are made according to Rudolf Fiedler´s own high standards of production.
    • MaterialMaple
    • ModelAlto
    • InstrumentGamba
    • Overall length176 mm
    Article no. 422302
    Brand Sonstige
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    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:39:"Saitenhalter Gambe, Ahorn, Alto, 176 mm";s:2:"EN";s:36:"Tailpiece Gamba, Maple, Alto, 176 mm";s:2:"FR";s:36:"Cordier Gambe, érable, alto, 176 mm";}


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