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Mother-of-Pearl, Squares, White

Mother-of-Pearl, Squares, White
5 pieces.
5 pieces.
The shimmering multi-layered deposits found on the inside surface of sea shells yield one of the most fascinating natural materials known to humankind. Mother-of-pearl's magical glossiness and intriguing array of colors make it perfect for enhancing the appearance of turnery, furniture, ornamental objects, toys and music instruments. It is easy to work and polish and therefore ideal for intarsia, marquetry and jewelry applications. The white, pink, black and gold mother-of-pearl is harvested from the saltwater pearl (pinctada maxima). The paua mother-of-pearl is harvested from a mussle species (haliotis iris) from the South Seas that has a highly figured and colorful grain (blue/turquoise/green). Colors and materials as shown may vary from the original. Thickness approx. 1.3 mm.
    • Colourwhite
    • Dimensions20 x 20 mm
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue
    Article no. 830800
    Brand Sonstige
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