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Raffir Stabilised Palmwood

Raffir Stabilised Palmwood
The stabilisation process homogenises the grain structure of the palmwood, which is otherwise...
The stabilisation process homogenises the grain structure of the palmwood, which is otherwise difficult to work with, and thus makes it a good working material.
Raffir Stabilised Woods
In the stabilising process, the wood is filled with a specially developed acrylic resin in a high-pressure vacuum treatment. The stabilised wood is extremely resistant, hardly absorbs any moisture and is thus very hygienic, washable and warp-free (no shrinking or expanding). The high density of the material without open pores means it only needs smoothing and polishing once to achieve a shiny surface. You can work it with conventional tools without any problems. It is thus ideal for all applications in which wood is subject to heavy-duty use and where shrinkage and expansion are a problem. Weight and material density similar to tropical hardwood.
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    Metapol is a composite material of aluminium embedded in coloured, semi-transparent epoxy resin. The material can be worked with conventional wood-working tools and is easily polished to a high gloss. Note: To prevent the material from overheating when working with machines, you should always use fresh sanding belts.

    • Dimensions120 x 40 x 25-30 mm
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 831509
    Brand Raffir
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    Raffir Stabilised Palmwood

    Article number 831509


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