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Acrylic Handle Scales, Amber/Black

Acrylic Handle Scales, Amber/Black
Acrylic is an excellent material to work with, as well as being resistant to scratching, weather and ageing. Even medium-concentration acids and bases cannot damage it. An optimum finish is achieved by using a polishing paste after wet sanding with micro-mesh.
    • Dimensions125 x 40 x 9 mm
    • Colouramber/black
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 831449
    Brand Sonstige
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    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:28:"Acryl-Griffschalen, rot/gelb";s:2:"EN";s:33:"Acrylic Handle Scales, Red/Yellow";s:2:"FR";s:44:"Plaquettes de manche acryliques, rouge/jaune";}

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:34:"Acryl-Griffschalen, blau/rot/weiss";s:2:"EN";s:37:"Acrylic Handle Scales, Blue/Red/White";s:2:"FR";s:49:"Plaquettes de manche acryliques, bleu/rouge/blanc";}

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:28:"Acryl-Griffschalen, grau/rot";s:2:"EN";s:31:"Acrylic Handle Scales, Grey/Red";s:2:"FR";s:43:"Plaquettes de manche acryliques, gris/rouge";}

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:38:"Acryl-Griffschalen, perlmutter/schwarz";s:2:"EN";s:44:"Acrylic Handle Scales, Mother of Pearl/Black";s:2:"FR";s:43:"Plaquettes de manche acryliques, nacre/noir";}

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:26:"Acryl-Griffschalen, schoko";s:2:"EN";s:32:"Acrylic Handle Scales, Chocolate";s:2:"FR";s:41:"Plaquettes de manche acryliques, chocolat";}

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:34:"Acryl-Griffschalen, ozeanblau/gelb";s:2:"EN";s:40:"Acrylic Handle Scales, Ocean Blue/Yellow";s:2:"FR";s:50:"Plaquettes de manche acryliques, bleu océan/jaune";}

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:37:"Acryl-Griffschalen, bernstein/schwarz";s:2:"EN";s:34:"Acrylic Handle Scales, Amber/Black";s:2:"FR";s:49:"Plaquettes de manche acryliques, ambre jaune/noir";}

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:24:"Acryl-Griffschalen, jade";s:2:"EN";s:27:"Acrylic Handle Scales, Jade";s:2:"FR";s:42:"Plaquettes de manche acryliques, vert jade";}
    Acrylic Handle Scales, Jade

    Article number 831448

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:45:"Acryl-Griffschalen, lachs-perlmutter/schwarz ";s:2:"EN";s:51:"Acrylic Handle Scales, Salmon Mother of Pearl/Black";s:2:"FR";s:58:"Plaquettes de manche acryliques, nacre couleur saumon/noir";}

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:26:"Acryl-Griffschalen, karbon";s:2:"EN";s:29:"Acrylic Handle Scales, Carbon";s:2:"FR";s:40:"Plaquettes de manche acryliques, carbone";}

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:27:"Acryl-Griffschalen, jungle ";s:2:"EN";s:29:"Acrylic Handle Scales, Jungle";s:2:"FR";s:39:"Plaquettes de manche acryliques, jungle";}


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