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Full Tang All Purpose Blade Blank, Random Damascus

Full Tang All Purpose Blade Blank, Random Damascus
Pre-drilled tang holes Ø 2 mm.
Pre-drilled tang holes Ø 2 mm.
Traditional Damascus Blades and Blanks
These beautifully structured damascus blades with 192 layers are made in the Indus Valley. In order to achieve a high cutting performance, low alloy carbon steel 1095 is forged with Nickel steel 15N20. All blades are already etched and hardened to 60 HRC. The edges are not completely sharpened. All you have to do to finish your knife is sharpen the edge, attach the handle scales and maybe bolsters to the tang. These blanks are handmade, they may vary slightly in form and size. Not rustproof.
    • TypRandom Damascus
    • Weight85 g
    • Blade length100 mm
    • Blade thickness3.2 mm
    • Overall length210 mm
    Article no. 719767
    Brand Sonstige
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    €80.60 per piece(s)

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