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Guiding Block for Herdim System Peg Shaper, Viola

Guiding Block for Herdim System Peg Shaper, Viola
Herdim System Peg Shaper
With this peg shaper the Herdim system pegs are trimmed to the correct diameter and taper size. The guiding block is exactly matched to the individual diameter, for different peg sizes the block is exchangeable (1). For small corrections of the peg position and the joint in the pegbox, the pegshaper has two micro adjustment screws. They allow a variation of the diameter of +/- 0.05 mm which results in a longitudinal shift of 1.5 mm. The taper can be varied up to 0.05° to compensate for marginal humidity-caused changes in the peg shape (the end of the shaft takes up more humidity and expands more than the rest). The 3 mm thick blade is exactly positioned via a guiding pivot.
Instructions included. Das 3 mm dicke Eisen ist durch einen Führungszapfen problemlos zu justieren.
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    • Instrument Viola
    • Passend für No. 730105
    • Diameter - minimum 8 mm
    Article no. 703255
    Brand Herdim
    Article out of stock - Article mid- June 2018 available
    €18.92 per piece(s)

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