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German Veneer Hammer

Solid steel head, ash handle.
Solid steel head, ash handle.
Veneer Hammer
Hammer veneering is a proven technique for making and restoring veneers. The pre-steamed and ironed veneer is pressed down using the warmed veneer hammer. Working from the middle of the piece outwards, the hammer is moved back and forth across the piece to force bubbles and excess glue out. The rounded face distributes pressure efficiently and equally.
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    Kunz is known for its solid planes of wear-resistant grey cast iron with fine-ground soles and good value for money. The standard tool-steel blades are hardened to approx. 62 HRC. For planing extremely hard woods, durable HSS blades (approx. 65 HRC) are available as accessories. Their green surfaces make the Kunz planes, made in Germany, unique.

    • Head weight 520 g
    • Overall length 320 mm
    • Peen width 90 mm
    Article no. 705689
    Brand Kunz
    Not on stock - more available soon
    €35.90 per piece(s)

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    German Veneer Hammer
    German Veneer Hammer

    Article number 705689


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