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Japanese Rubber Boots, Size 40

Cult object

Japanese Rubber Boots, Size 40
Japanese boots with separate big toe provide a better footing, improve the wearer’s sense of...
Japanese boots with separate big toe provide a better footing, improve the wearer’s sense of balance and circulation. Insiders have long considered these traditional boots to contribute significantly to the extraordinary long lifespan of the Japanese. To us, these eye-catchers have all the makings of a cult object. For mowing, in the garden, for pond maintenance or just to show off. A small nipple on the heel makes the boots easy to take off. Ribbed cotton cuff. Natural rubber, nylon inside. Wear these boots with Gunsoku Japanese socks (No. 707615) or with 5-toe socks (No. 707667).
    • Size 40
    Article no. 707663
    Brand Sonstige
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    Article no.: 707663

    : 40
    Price: €43.60

    Article no.: 707665

    : 43
    Price: €43.60
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    5-Toe Socks, 4 Pairs

    5-Toe Socks, 4 Pairs

    Seamless knitted socks with separate toes, in keeping with Japanese tradition, allow better airing. Blended fabric of 85 % Cotton and 15 % Nylon. One size, black.

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    Article No. 707667


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