Japanese Gardening Hatchet »Edauchi Ono«

Original and powerful

Hand-forged garden hatchet, ideal for cutting branches and roots and for sharpening and trimming...
Hand-forged garden hatchet, ideal for cutting branches and roots and for sharpening and trimming posts. Triple-layered blade structure with cutting edge of Blue Paper Steel. Untreated, ergonomically shaped Japanese white oak handle. Magnolia wood sheath, allows axe to be attached to belts.
Japanese Axes
With their laminated forged blades*, Japanese axes stand for the fine art of blacksmithing. The durability and sharpness of the steel along with the well-proportioned axe heads and handles are unmatched! Features of a Japanese axe:
  • Forged double-layered blade - very hard cutting edge (58-60 HRC) and impact-absorbing soft iron body*
  • Handles of untreated Japanese white oak
  • Handle is set by means of a wooden wedge and an additional metal wedge
  • Each axe comes with a handy sheath
* unless otherwise stated
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    • Head weight 600 g
    • Blade length 160 mm
    • Overall length 350 mm
    Article no. 701657
    Brand Sonstige
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    Including sharpening pass, two free sharpenings.
    Handle-fitting pass included
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    Japanese Gardening Hatchet »Edauchi Ono«
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