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Folding Knife Worker

Exceptional, entirely handmade folding knife made of Damasteel. Damasteel, manufactured in...
Exceptional, entirely handmade folding knife made of Damasteel. Damasteel, manufactured in Sweden, is a stainless Damascus steel produced using powder metallurgy out of RWL34* (»light«-coloured) and PMC27** (»dark«-coloured) steel by sintering and forging. The combination of these two special steels produces not only a magnificent pattern, but also the best material properties. A smooth frame-lock mechanism makes sure the blade is securely locked in place. With this system, the movable liner for the blade lock is an integral part of the self-supporting handle. The elaborate guillochage on the blade spring and spine, which also serves as a thumb rest, makes this a real eye-catcher. This artful ornamentation is filed by hand. Comes with a leather pouch, rustproof, hardness 59 HRC.
* Steel analysis RWL34: C = 1.05 / Si = 0.5 / Mn = 0.5 / P = 0.05 / S=0.03 / Cr = 14 / Mo = 4 / V = 0.2 (in %)
** Steel analysis PMC27: C = 0.6 / Si = 0.5 / Mn = 0.5 / Cr = 13 (in %)
Massimo Salice Sanna
What started out as a hobby in 1993 quickly became a passion for Massimo Salice Sanna, or Max for short. Accurate workmanship and attention to detail are what characterise this avid knife maker. All the steps are performed exclusively by hand, from the tempering of the steel to the elaborate grinding work and ornamentation. In his workshop in Italy, he composes small works of art from the best steels and most precious woods.
    • Blade length 65 mm
    • Blade thickness 2.8 mm
    • Overall length 155 mm
    • Weight 90 g
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 709871
    Brand Sonstige
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    Folding Knife Worker
    Folding Knife Worker

    Article number 709871