Glardon/Vallorbe Valtitan Three-Square File

Glardon/Vallorbe Valtitan Three-Square File
Double cut. Cut 0.
Double cut. Cut 0.
Glardon/Vallorbe Valtitan-Files
The perfect files for knife makers
The hardest of all toothed files. They allow materials which have been considered impossible to file, e.g. hardened steel, to be filed without breaking teeth. Other advantages: Valtitan files do not clog, they are largely rustproof and even more powerful. They impress users with greater chip removal and longer service life.
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    The traditional Swiss company Glardon/Vallorbe makes top-quality precision files which meet the high quality standards of the watch industry. 200 years of experience come to the fore in excellent durability and sharpness. The files are designed for working steel, but they are equally suitable for fine working of wood, aluminum, brass and hard plastics. Hardened to 64-65 HRC.

    • Width 14.2 mm
    • Cut length 200 mm
    Article no. 704408
    Ready to ship, delivery time 3-4 workdays within Germany
    €52.00 per piece(s)

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    Glardon/Vallorbe Valtitan Three-Square File
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