»The GunDog Affair« Silent Leash

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Handmade silent leash with integrated collar and a leather width of 20 mm. Made of the finest...
Handmade silent leash with integrated collar and a leather width of 20 mm. Made of the finest olive fat leather and sewn with strong red thread. This tracking leash is made entirely of leather and does not produce any noise during use. The leash can be varied in length by means of simple knots and can thus be used as a hand leash or worn across the body. The integrated collar is also easily adjustable: the inside knot acts as a stopper when tightening, the outside knot regulates the maximum width of the collar. This allows the collar to be adjusted to any neck circumference and put on quickly.
The soft and supple oiled leather is made of cowhides deriving mainly from Southern Germany and Southern France; vegetable or combination tanning is the first choice when it comes to dog collars and leashes. The complete processing of the leather for this durable and beautiful silent leash, takes place exclusively in Germany.
For the oiled leather used, robust cowhide is fatliquored. This means that the high-quality oil used for this process is not simply applied superficially, but is worked deep into the leather. The soft layer, which gets its character from the oils, creates a patina in the leather. However, this effect is desired and gives the leather an individual surface when used. Fatliquoring makes the leather soft and supple, but of course it has the disadvantage that it can still stretch a little with use. In contrast it is impervious to moisture, has no hard edges, is more flexible than leather and is extremely resilient (tensile force).
Dog collars and leashes made of oiled leather have proven themselves over the years in dog sports and for service dogs.
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    The GunDog Affair

    The GunDog Affair

    The GunDog Affair is a statement of style. A style that is also based on tradition and unites all those who want to express their respect for nature and the art of hunting. A style for those who set high standards in their appearance in all areas of life - and thus also for their clothing. Classic, elegant, timeless.

    The GunDog Affair products reflect the close relationship between humans, nature and animals, which can be found in the naturalness of their materials, their high functionality and aesthetics, their first-class workmanship as well as their durability.

    The Gun Dog Affair is not a label you adorn yourself with, but rather an attitude you adopt out of conviction.

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    • Colour olive/red
    • Material Leather
    • Overall length 3 m