DICTUM Fore Plane No. 6

Mid-size plane ideal for trueing and joining of medium-sized boards.
Mid-size plane ideal for trueing and joining of medium-sized boards.
DICTUM Bench Planes
With their Bedrock design, these planes allow chatter-free cutting thanks to the fully supported blade and a mouth that can be adjusted without removing the cap iron and blade. The rear handle with its width of 26 mm offers a comfortable grip even for large hands. Lateral blade adjustment through easy-to-reach side lever. Cutting angle 45°.
We have developed our DICTUM plane series based on our Herdim planes. We have been making these planes for decades for our violin makers, who require the utmost precision and perfect workmanship. The solid plane bodies made from cast steel* with precisely ground soles aligned at right angles to the sides, together with the minimum 3 mm thick blades made from SK4 steel (61 HRC) signify top quality. A Japanese blade made of Blue Paper Steel (63 HRC) or an HSS blade are optionally available for specific plane models. The blade adjuster allows for precise adjustments and the ergonomically shaped handles developed through tests as well as the polished cap irons sit well in the hand. Handles of native beechwood.
(* unless otherwise stated)
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    Most of the products we sell as a trading company we produce ourselves, or we have them produced by selected and approved manufacturers.

    We have been making musical instrument products in this way under the brand name Herdim for more than 100 years.

    Our design department staff develops our products from scratch - from simple component drawings for hand tools to complex component assemblies for power tools. Our prototypes are extensively tested by our specialists, trainers, and frequently also selected customers. They are only put into mass production once they are found to have practical use.

    All materials such as cutting steels, cast materials or handle materials are carefully selected according to their intended use and then produced with a view to making them ergonomic.

    More complex manufacturing processes like casting, deep drawing, forging and lasering are carried out by specialised companies according to our specifications.

    The final quality control always takes place on site at our company.

    • Blade width 60 mm
    • Blade thickness 3 mm
    • Blade material SK4 Steel
    • Overall length 450 mm
    • Weight 3.73 kg
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 703333
    Brand Dictum
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    DICTUM Fore Plane No. 6
    DICTUM Fore Plane No. 6

    Article number 703333
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